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  • Programmes for entrance examinations in academic subjects adopted

    On the National Institute of Education website in the section “For Pupils” << “Examination” you can find the programmes for entrance examinations in academic subjects for individuals with general secondary education going on to obtain higher education of I degree or secondary vocational education in 2019:

  • Emblem and flag of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus adopted

    August 7, by Presidential decree № 308 the emblem and the flag of the Ministry of Education were adopted. This document was passed in order to maintain and develop the historical traditions of the Ministry. The Decree also adopted regulations on the emblem and flag, their description and the images. The symbols will be used to identify the Ministry of Education in the information space of the country and outside, to identify the employees of the establishment.

  • Attention!!!

    At the moment the results of the Centralized Testing 2018 in the following subjects are available on the RIKC website: Belarusian, Russian, Social Science, Mathematics, Biology, Foreign Languages, Chemistry, Physics, History of Belarus, Geography, and Contemporary World History.

    You can get information on your results, provided that the ID series, ID number and the number of the answer sheet are entered correctly.

  • Distance Trial Testing

    In order to give applicants an opportunity to take a test from one of the Trial Testing stages free of charge, there is a section on the RIKC web-site “Distance Trial Testing” where you can find: test variants (only one) in 15 academic subjects, theme-related consultation on the error correction. Materials for theme-related consultations include the task, the solution and/or the commentary, the correct answer and the reference to the text-book and the section that has the necessary information. To understand how to fill in the answer sheet and to avoid technical mistakes while filling in the answer sheet during the centralized testing, in this section you can find answer sheet examples and detailed instruction on the order of filling in the answer sheet (video). Via this service which available in the above-mentioned section, test-takers can get their DTT results (score) and the numbers of the correct and incorrect answers.

  • Attention!!! Changes in answer sheets!

    Изменение в бланке ответов

    Attention!!! Changes in answer sheets!

    Answer sheets for the trial testing will contain a new obligatory field (number of the operation (transaction) in the ERIP system (System of Common Calculation and Information Space). When taking a trial test an applicant should indicate the ERIP system operation (transaction) number in the answer sheet.

  • Dear Entrants!

    Результаты по СМС

    Dear Applicants!

    In accordance with para. 9.17 of the Regulations on the order of organization and conduct of centralized testing, approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated June 6, 2006 No. 714, EI "Republican Institute for Knowledge Control” "provides information to applicants about the results of the centralized testing” via the Institute website and also using SMS-requests by means of mobile communications to the short number 5050. The service is implemented as an interactive service of SMS-subscription and is currently available to VELCOM, MTS and LIFE:) subscribers. You can find more about this service in the section "SMS-results”.

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