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Distance TT provides the future applicants with the opportunity to test their knowledge in 15 academic subjects and find out their results at once.

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Results of CT-2020.

CT Results

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The third stage of TT 2019/2020

The third stage of the trial testing for the academic year 2019/2020 will take place in March – April 2020. The exact testing schedule is determined by the educational institutions that are listed in the section “TT”, “TT centres”
You can register for the trial testing online in the personal account of the test-taker. For more information about the unified registration system, visit the section “TT”, “Memo for TT-takers”.

To the attention of applicants! Digests based on CT have been published

The following digests have been published by ALC “Aversev” and are currently on sale:

- digests with test tasks in 14 subjects that were used during the centralized testing campaign in 2019;

- sets in 9 subjects (Russian, Belarusian, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, English, History of Belarus, Social Science) that include full test digests (2014-2017) and test digests of 2018.

All publications include answers and answer sheet samples.

High school students and university applicants can make use of the digests not only to organize and check their knowledge but also to follow the main trends in formulating CT tasks. The digests are aimed at high school students and university students as a means of CT-2020 preparation as well as teachers of general secondary education establishments.

CT-2019 certificates

Dear Applicants!

You can obtain CT-2019 certificates in the testing centres where you have passed CT up until the certificate expiration date (31.12.2020).

The applicants who passed CT-2019 on reserve days can receive the certificates in the centres that had carried out registration for reserve days up until the certificate expiration date (31.12.2020).

To obtain the certificates you need the identification document as well as the pass for the corresponding academic subject with a mark “Centralized testing passed”.

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